About us

Who we are

Neranta UAB has been operational since 1997.  The core activity of the company is land survey, topographic, cartographic and geodesic works.

After renewing its technical facilities in 2001, the company entered the market with a new attitude towards the service quality – it was the first in Lithuania to start publishing colour topographic plans of different scale.

With the need for more diversified services, the company expanded the range of works and offers the following services:

  • Cadastral (geodetic) measurements  of land plots;
  • Land formation and rearrangement layouts;
  • Topographic plans;
  • Geodetic  (verificatory) surveys of the underground networks and communications;
  • Marking out axes and heights of  the building;
  • Geodetic (verificatory) surveys of buildings;
  • Marking out the destroyed landmarks.

We seek to show an exceptional attention to each client and provide him with the most acceptable solution.

Technical facilities

The company makes continuous investments into the new technologies and maintains close cooperation with UAB " " and UAB"" when acquiring the software and putting  forward the proposals for its improvement.

Special attention is paid by the Company to the land surveying equipment and its reliability. Therefore it chose the metering equipment of the leading Japanese company represented in Lithuania by UAB"".